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My research explores the effectiveness of video media in digital PR campaigns. Through the analysis of industry reports, previous studies, and the interviews I conducted, I sought to answer the following questions.

Research Question 1:

What is the efficacy of video media content in digital PR and social media campaigning?

Research Question 2:

Should video content marketing be considered a necessary tactic in crafting a successful digital marketing strategy?

I started by analyzing resources, articles, and statistics on using video content in digital PR as I wanted to better understand the current state of research in this area.

Pre-existing Studies

Charts via Campaign Monitor.

In a study reported on by Campaign Monitor, consumers are noted to have a natural inclination towards video content as it's easy to consume and comprehend. Digital marketers have recognized this trend and are giving more significance to this channel as compared to other types of content. This is leading to an increase in the overall importance of video content in the digital marketing industry.

As the time spent by consumers watching online videos continues to increase, marketers are keen to incorporate video content into their digital marketing strategy. To achieve this, incorporating videos into the brand's email marketing strategy and website design is one of the best ways to increase overall effectiveness, as consumers still prefer to receive communication from their favorite brands through email more than any other channel.


My Primary Research Method

Interviews are a superior research methodology for my study on the effectiveness of video media content in digital PR campaigns because they offer the opportunity to gain first-hand experiences and observations from industry experts. While literature reviews and data analysis are valuable research tools, they do not provide the same level of nuance, currency, and detail as expert insights.

By conducting a series of interviews with PR marketing professionals and multimedia experts, I was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of video media content's implementation into PR practice from multiple perspectives.


The open-ended questions used in the interviews allowed for a more detailed and personalized response, providing valuable insights based on each expert's experiences.

The Experts.

Meet the four experts of my interview series - a dynamic mix of media professionals and seasoned PR practitioners, who provided valuable insights into the world of video content marketing. Their expertise and wealth of knowledge were instrumental in helping to uncover the role of video media in modern PR campaigns. 

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